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No Minumum

There is no minimum quantity , we can do 1 item or 1000!

No Setup fees

There is no setup fee on embroidery with just letters or printing.

Best Quality

Our team has decades of experience in producing the highest quality embroidered apparel.

Great Prices

We offer high quality embroidery at a way better price then Custom Ink and other competitors in town  


No minimum printing is as simple as it sounds. It is a key characteristic that seperates us from the big industry printers. Some companies expect you to buy 20 or more shirts in order to get a good deal, while we are able to offer a good price on only a couple of items.


Another key characteristic we have is availabilty to our customers. We are available around the clock to answer any questions and help place any orders as need be.

Competitive Pricing 

Our no minimum policy is a important factor in our pricing. Seeing that there is no minimum or quota to reach we are able to charge you affordable pricing for any order. This pricing is unique to us            

No Minimum is our Specialty

Order as many or as few t-shirts as you need through our online t shirt designer or at one of our local shirts! Custom work with no mandatory minimum!  That being said, we understand that very few customers need alot or more items, and a lot of folks don't need more than just three or four.  Which is why we make it easy to buy custom items with no minimums. Most of our customers have told us that they understand why we have to charge more per-shirt on small orders; they're just glad to have the option to place a small order of custom orders!

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