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No Minumum Quantity

There is no minimum quantity , we can embroider 1 patch or 1000!

No Setup Fees

There is no setup fee on orders with just letters or orders containing over 36 items.

Decades of Experience

Our team has decades of experience in producing the highest quality embroidered patches.

Better Pricing

We offer high quality embroidery at a way better price then Custom Ink and other competitors in town!  

Patch Expertise

At Design4You the quality of the embroidery and our customer's satisfaction are our foremost concern. As we are a leading supplier of custom patches locally for military, police, fire departments, security services, motorcycle clubs, and everything in between, we strive to provide you with the highest quality custom patches with competitive pricing.

Our talented and well-trained team of "embroidery artists" with years of experience in developing award winning designs and logo patches, will assist you in creating a beautiful patch that will be worn with pride. Whether you provide us with a rough sketch, existing graphic or merely a design idea, we will do all the artwork necessary to create for you a pre-production embroidered sample of your actual patch even before processing your full order!

We want to make the whole process of ordering custom patches from our company an easy and enjoyable experience. We unconditionally guarantee that you'll be completely satisfied with both your patch design before your order goes into production, as well as your final product.

Patch Services

We offer a variety of patch services,  We do Name tags, velcro, and a wide range of patch embroidery patterns.  We can embroider your company logo or design into a patch to be put on polo shirts, shirts, uniforms, jackets, military uniform and other various products.  Embroidery is one of our most popular decorating processes for small & mid-size businesses and non-profit organizations.

What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is used to create beautiful and lasting designs.  Although in the past, designs had to be hand-stitched, today, the process is performed by our high-tech commercial machines which are all equipped with several needles and speciality software.  It's a process where a thread is stitched with a needle using these complex machines to command it and stitch the design into a fabric or a garment. So before your design could be embroidered into a garment, it must be set-up into a format.  This is because we must turn your digital image into the correct format for the machine to read or else it won't be done right, and good embroidery starts with a good set-up!  The good news is that once a logo has gone through this set-up or digitizing process, that file can be used over and over again on future orders without having to pay it again!    

Types of Patches we offer

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are the perfect combination of affordability, durability and design potential with hundreds of thread colors to match your logo or drawing.  Their unique texturing lets some designs visually “pop” off the patch with real depth. They’re also easily made, meaning they’re deadline-friendly. 

Name Tags

Technically an embroidered patch, it's the simpliest type of patch we make. Using our dedicated name patch technology allows you to create a “base” template and have up to thousands of different names on each without paying for a “different” patch design each time like some competitors.

Velcro Patches

These patches are ideal for military forces, police squads, and scout troops. They are great identification patches for marking traditional rankings or classes based on all manners of job-specific uniforms. These patches can be personalized with conventional flag insignia to class rankings that best defines your position.  These patches are long lasting and can be used with different uniforms over and over again with easy and superior fastening design. Hence, remove and reapply the patches frequently to decorate favorite uniforms!

Embroidery is our Specialty

At Design4You, custom patches are what we do best. We’re your one-stop, no-problem source if you need custom patches for sports teams, businesses, military units, motorcycle clubs and events, camping, Scouting, martial arts or any other purpose. Our custom patches are perfect for uniforms, duffle bags, jackets or any other use. We supply top quality patches at great prices, with unbeatable customer service!  Custom embroidered patches provides a high-quality look without the high cost. In addition, you get the flexibility of adding your customized design to any article of clothing regardless of size, shape, or fabric!

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