Design 4 You is your one stop shop for DTG t-shirt printing and direct to garment printing on any other type of garment. We are the ideal DTG t-shirt printer partner for individuals and businesses of all sizes looking to produce unique, high-quality custom DTG t-shirts.


Our extensive knowledge and experience in the t-shirt manufacturing industry, combined with our wide range of digital printing services, allows us to offer you a first-class, comprehensive service. We only use the latest direct to garment printing technology to produce fine-quality garments at very affordable prices.


We have been providing direct to garment services for many years, and have a reputation for reliability, high-quality, and honest business practices. We produce digitally printed t-shirts for a wide range of businesses, including:

online shops
charity / corporate events
schools and universities
the hospitality industry

Personal/corporate gifts


Direct to garment (DTG) printing is an efficient, modern technique for printing designs and patterns directly onto an item of clothing, in much the same way that an inkjet printer applies an image or text onto a piece of paper. Using this technology, manufacturers are able to produce exceptionally high-quality designs, with a very high resolution. By comparison to the former standard technique of heat transfer printing (which involves a lengthy process whereby the image is first printed onto transfer paper, then applied to the garment via a heat press machine), DTG printing is far superior in terms of longevity; heat transfers tend to crack and peel.


Due to the high setting costs associated with conventional printing, the vast majority of manufacturers are unwilling to take on low-volume orders. With direct to garment printing, production runs of just one item are possible, enabling customers to digitally print a single t-shirt for a birthday or graduation, or a business to print a small run of t-shirts for a promotion, however machines are limited to only printing on white t-shirt until the DTG technology advances further.